Connect with Jason:

“Take off your mask story: “God used you to get me back to him” (SIC)

Thanks so much for reaching out to me and taking the time to get to know my story and show me the way back to God. I am over flowing with a sense of peace. I spent sometime today looking up some of the verses you sent me. I wrote them down in a notebook that I had dedicated to self harm recovery. I reflected on what they meant to me. For the first time I read a bible verse as something more than just words in a book but instead as my saviors words for me. Definitely a powerful experience. I’m thinking about attempting a prayer tonight but I’m not sure how to anymore and I don’t want it to be fake (if that makes sense). You made a metaphor about a Brita filter and that hit home, after I was raped I had a sense of feeling dirty. I was literally crying at the thought of being clean. God used you to get me back to him and I am so thankful for that. What an awesome Father we have!