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I like super heros! My favorite superhero is Wolverine, I don’t know why…maybe because he has knives that come out of his hands and he rides a motorcycle. Im finding out that you don’t have to fly, run through walls, or be some freak of nature to be someone’s hero, all you have to do is care. I just finished a two day school tour up here in Wisconsin. I was called up here because a student committed suicide about three weeks ago. I had many thoughts about how this week would go but nothing could prepare me for what happened. This week has been incredible! I Spoke to 1,300 students in five schools and 50 students gave there lives to Christ! Many people were touched by Jesus… words cannot do it justice. So many people are hurting… One girl came up to me at a school and showed me several scars on her arms where she had been cutting herself, she couldn’t deal with the pain inside so she would cut herself, the pain on her arm made her forget about the pain in her heart. One girl took me aside after the assembly and told me she was suicidal because a close relative had molested her, another girl said she had been selling herself for sex. One person emailed me anonymously and simply said, “I can identify with your story and I want to thank you for being so real, it helped me understand that if you can make it I can make it.” It was addressed: “to my hero” Its amazing what can happen if we open up and allow God to use our pain for someone else’s gain. You don’t have to go far to see hurt. I know around the world kids are hurting and we constantly send money over seas to help. I applaud that, but please don’t just send money as an excuse to ignore what happening in our own country. Take time to get involved with the people right next to you. There are people that live in our communities that need the love of Jesus. You might think to yourself “I don’t have a story.” Everyone has a story! Ghandi a spiritual leader once said “If Christians acted as Jesus intended them to act then all of India would be saved! I like your Jesus but I don’t like your Christians.” Jesus’ message was simple, it was four words “LOVE” So many times we pass the obligation to someone else, what if there wasn’t someone else? What if there was just you? And Jesus’ message of love was dependent upon you. Will you be that love? Will you be someone’s hero?

2 thoughts on “HERO

  1. Karrie says:

    Sometimes people cant see the hurt that we all go through, or they see it and they dont want to do anything about it. I will be someones hero, but how?

  2. savannah says:

    alot of people have a “mask” on. And they dont seem to care about anything but themselves. But i do know for a fact they do. The story you told us today was incredible. Everybody i beleive either tooked their “mask” off on purpose or on accident. i am a hero to so many people already. Thank you so much.

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