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Take off your mask story- “My father is an alcoholic” (SIC)

my father is an alcoholic and after 15 years of him being in and out of treatment my mother has had enough and kicked him out and her boyfriend is now moving in and this upset me cause i thought i was really gonna see my dad anymore and he has been such a huge role in my life up until now and i didt know why my mom had kicked him out because i had grown use to there arguments and there fights but because of your talk i know that she did it because she loves me and wants whats best for me. also my dad has stopped drinking i go to see him 3 days a week. now i know that just because he is a recovering alcoholic dosent mean isnt my father or that he dosent love me.

5 thoughts on “Take off your mask story- “My father is an alcoholic” (SIC)

  1. Ryan Ferner says:

    Excellent write-up

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