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Mission & Message


Elevate Industries was established several years ago by motivational speaker Jason Maupin. It quickly developed into one of the most powerful and effective youth presentations in the country. Elevate is determined to do all that it can to motivate students of all ages to reach their full potential by making the right choices.


A typical Elevate assembly program consists of an inspiring message supplemented by real-life stories, relevant music, and drama. Elevate Industries will motivate your students through one of the most dynamic and innovative presentations available today!


The mission of Elevate Industries is to encourage and motivate students, equipping them to make healthy life choices leading to a successful future.
The purpose of Elevate is to provide you with the most relevant assembly possible. Elevate Industries hinges off of Choices and Dreams. We want to know what teachers and administrators see as the key issues that need to be addressed.
We can customize our program to meet the specific needs of your students. We value your input to make this assembly as effective as possible! Contact Elevate Industries today! Below is a list of frequently requested topics:

Overcoming negative influences

Having a determination to pursue their goals regardless of their past.

Being abstinent is a healthy and wise decision.

Showing the consequences of drug abuse.

Showing students that they have value

Allowing students to recognize that everyone has hurt and the way they deal with it determines their future.

Emphasis on staying in school, determining to do well academically, and graduating.

Presenting the realities of divorce, positive role-models, and sources for support.

Desire for love and acceptance with the realities of rejection and peer pressure.

Confronts bullying, and helps students find their true value and potential, helping them realize there is only one them and they are unique and valued as a valuable part of society.