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Take off your mask story: “Subjected to Bullying” (SIC)

Ever since I was in first class i was subjected to bullying to the point i didn’t want to attend school and when I had to attend i would pretend I’m sick and go home it was mostly verbal bullying and pulling of hair writing mean notes and giving them to me i thought they would grow out it but sadly they didn’t and then followed me into my secondary life from first year to transition year i was subjected to physical bullying pulling my hair kicking me cyber bullying posting mean and embarrassing photos of me in third year my books notes from first year gear the whole had been taken a week before my mocks and i was slapped across  the face one lunch where everyone could see everyone laughed my principal  never done anything  which lead to me to self harm my legs and stomach which are now scarred bearing in mind i was always the spotty fat child they knocked my confidence completely  i lost four stone over the summer from eating disorders  I’m ashamed of what they put me through but i came out stronger  i was called retarded  because i have Asperger’s for the past two years  i was in a relationship with my now ex he forced me to do stuff i wasn’t comfortable doing and did stuff to the equivalent of rape and abused me I’m ashamed of what he did  and has knocked my trust in lads