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Sticks and Stones break my bones and words… HURT!!

When i was around a year old I was taken away from my parents I was in a foster home till i was almost 3 year. My grandpa adopted me, when i was around 7 i was sexually assaulted by my best friend. When i got into middle school i wanted to commit suicide. Recently at school I have been called a slut and it hurts.

2 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones break my bones and words… HURT!!

  1. jason says:

    Its true, words can hurt very badly. The Bible says in the book of James that the tongue can set fire to the course of ones life. Think about the power of that! That means if you grew up hearing you were ugly, or dumb, or worse yet, a mistake. Those words are awful and from the darkest parts of hell. But they stick with us like crazy glue. I know some grown 30-40 year old men/women that will not play volleyball or try some other sport because they were made fun of so badly in their childhood years that they revert back to that moment of hurt and in that pain even though its been 20 plus years since that day, they just cant seem to move past it, and therefor crippled by the words that were spoken so carelessly over their lives. Its inevitable people are going to say hurtful and dumb stuff to you. Hurt people hurt people, changed people change people. Im not going to spend a lot of time here talking about why they do it, or how we can change them, because we cant change them. But the good thing is WE CAN CHANGE OUR MENTALITY AND CHOOSE WHAT WE’RE GOING TO ALLOW TO HAVE AN IMPRESSION ON US. The only way we will shake free from this generational curse thats been spoken over us is to SURRENDER THE HURTFUL THOUGHT TO JESUS, ASKING HIM TO HEAL YOUR HEART. THEN BEGIN TO READ HIS PROMISES HE HAS FOR YOU!! YES He has a whole blueprint of promises to give to you! Start in Psalms 139. Read how He knows all the hairs on your head. How he knit you together in your mothers womb, and how you, yes you are created in His image! GOD DOESN’T MAKE JUNK!! YOU BE YOU! THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU, AND THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!! READ PSALMS 139 PROUD OF YOU!


  2. Baylee says:

    When me and my dad get in fights he would always call me trash.My brothers always call me a mistake and still do till this day they call me names they should not be saying.

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