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Take off Your Mask Story: “This is who I am”

It all started in the 7th grade.. I switched schools.. I got along with everyone good at my new school at first.. But then people started being mean.. This one girl who was my ” best friend ” started the rumor around my new school that I was pregnant.. I was getting called a ” slut ” a ” whore ” I stopped going to school for a couple days.. I skipped meals.. And that’s when the cutting started.. I just didn’t wanna be here anymore.. 8th grade year.. Things were starting to calm down.. We started getting along again.. My freshman year things were different.. We were friends again.. Everyone apologized for the names & the things they said to me.. But half way through my freshman year.. I moved.. Back to my old school.. My friends were happy I was back.. I was happy to be back.. I was abused by my step-dad for 14 years.. My mom finally kicked him out 2 years ago.. One year later I’m happy to say I’m happy with who I am.. I stopped cutting.. I stopped thinking about suicide.. I took off my mask.. This is who I am.. And I’m proud of it..

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  1. Kaelub Burski says:

    I have been the only one in my family that have taken the beatings from my father but it was last Christmas. That burden that has been building up in me for years but I got rid of it that day…… it was the best present that I have ever gotten that day but I have been connecting with him for a long time. Hes been making promises that never come back so I just ignore those promise till I see him face to face. This is my story and I’m glad you are able to read it. Thank you Jason for this opportunity!!!

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