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Speaking in Ireland!

Hey everyone! I hope this letter finds you well! I want to give you a quick update on my ministry here in Ireland. I arrived Friday the 18th after 12 hours of flying and hit the ground running speaking in a boys prison. The students in the prison were there for everything from robbery to murder. During one of the assemblies one student said in his Irish accent, as tears filled his eyes “Oh man I knew they were gonna bring someone in here to make us cry!” The Irish people are very quick witted and during my assembly I speak about masks and how we wear masks to conceal our hurt, insecurities, and pain. I ask them if I can take off my mask and show them who I really am following it up by telling them my story. In this particular assembly when I asked them if I could take off my mask one student replied, “I’d rather you not you’re already quite ugly!” When the Irish make fun of you I’ve been told it means they like you but Im still wondering about that! 🙂 Yesterday I spoke in a church plant in Crumlin, where a young lady came up to me after the service and said it was her first time at this particular church. She said she was HIV positive and the night before she was contemplating ending her life but felt she needed to come hear me speak. She said she was motivated by my story and it helped her realize that her life was still worth living. I love hearing stories like this! As hard as it was growing up, it’s all worth it due to stories like that! The storms of life are rough, but what if the purpose of the storm is to help someone else through their storm? Is it worth it? I appreciate all your prayers and support! This week I’ll be speaking in 17 schools all over the country. Pray for strength, pray for God to open up the students hearts so they can hear his truth. Im very blessed to be doing what Im doing. Much love!

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